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3 Reasons Fall Is the Perfect Time to Remodel the House

When you decide to have a house renovation project—may it be a whole house, a kitchen, or a bathroom renovation—timing is everything. You need to schedule it at the best time possible to make the work easier for the team and get the most out of your money. When talking about urgent renovations, you need to bring them to life as soon as possible. But if you have the luxury to update your home setup without rush, you have to plan everything, including the best time to do the overhaul. 

At DF Hughes, we believe that fall is the best time to schedule a renovation project out of all seasons. This article will provide you with three good reasons you should consider this season the next time you plan to revamp your home. 

Reason 1: The Weather Is Just Right

The fall season is also the beginning of the cool weather. That means your contractor would not suffer so much from the intense summer heat or the icy winter season. It is also perfect for the house, as the paints and adhesives would dry faster and set better than they would at any other season.

Reason 2: You Can Work on a Freer Schedule

Most homeowners believe that the drier the season (particularly spring and summer), the better it is to renovate their homes. While they also have their good reasons to believe so, the majority of them share this idea. That means the spring and summer season is also the busiest season among remodeling contractors in the US.

If you want to have as many options as possible for contractors, the fall season would be a perfect time. Since it is not a super busy season for the contractors, they have a more flexible schedule, and you do not have to compete with other homeowners for booking. 

Reason 3: You Have a New Home Just Before the Holiday Season

Now that gatherings are limited to small home gatherings, there is no better way to celebrate holidays than with an updated home. If you decide to start the renovation during the fall season, your renovation is more likely done before the winter season comes. Your home, with its new look, would be the best place to host a gathering with friends and family. 

What Kind of Renovation Project Is Best During the Fall Season

Any kind of renovation would be possible during this time of the year, but if you need suggestions about the best renovation projects to start during the fall season, here are the top three we can recommend: 

  • Kitchen Renovations: The kitchen is the most used room during the holiday season. It is where the family cooks and entertains guests. It is also where the family would spend time during Christmas eve and have fun together. It will be the best Christmas night if the family gets to spend it inside a fully renovated kitchen.
  • Bathroom Remodel: Offering your house in its best look possible is another reason to pursue a bathroom renovation during this season. That way, when they see your fully revamped bathroom, your guests will experience only the best bathroom experience they can ever have.
  • Window Replacement: If you have creaks and unwanted openings in your windows that need repairing, there is no better time than having it done during the fall. Fixed and improved windows would be helpful during the colder months. 


Home renovation is the best way to make your house look finer and newer, especially now that the holiday season is approaching. If you plan to make renovations soon but are still unsure when to do it, we suggest you book it during the fall season. However, if you have a target date, make sure that you consult first with your contractor before committing to the date. 

For house renovation in Birmingham, AL, contact us at DF Hughes. Our DesignBuild Process makes sure that your project is finished on budget and schedule. Contact us today so we can start discussing your latest home project.